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We all are Beings of Light; a piece of the Divine come forth to experience Itself.  Light Workers are aware of, and nurture, that Divinity in themselves and others.  Light Workers allow themselves to become vehicles of The Light—to heal, to raise consciousness, to bring forth LOVE.


Based on our unique history in the World, and in the Modern Era, people with deep genetic & karmic links to Mama Africa have a unique & special relationship to Spirit, and the Divine.  People that live in that Link, and work for Uplift, we call Black LightWorkers.

We recognize and applaud that relationship to Mama, and that history—all of it.  For blinders are only of use on a horse.

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We are proud and grateful that you have stood up, and embraced that part of you called to serve others through The Light.

You--as we--have gifts, talents, a heart to serve, and the bravery to own it.  And, as you know, the world really needs us, right now.

And you need support.

We are Your Community--a support system who vibes, understands, and looks, like you.

Black LightWorkers(C) provides community, context, education, and merchandise.

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Yes; all people are born with abilities and perceptions.

Some methodologies are universal.

Some, the rich Light Worker traditions of the Motherland and Diaspora, are specific to Us.

Black LightWorkers honors--and wishes to spotlight--them all.

We are here to applaud, share with, and support, You, and your unique Gifts!

Black LightWorkers is here to spread The Light!

Let's talk about where we go together, next!

As COVID lets up, we'll look towards getting together....soon!

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